The Walking Dead"The Walking Dead" cast does not know what's coming next in Season 6, but they just assume "bad things," "chaos" and "aggressive" confrontations with The Wolves are ahead. They're probably right! Season 5 just ended in late March, and Season 6 won't even start filming until early May, so the cast is in the dark until they get the first scripts. Most of the producers are in the dark as well, since only showrunner Scott M. Gimple knows the exact plan for the next 16 episodes.

AMC just released a 3-minute video with the cast and crew speculating on what's ahead in Season 6. In this way, they are just like the fans -- looking forward to seeing what happens with Morgan Jones and Rick Grimes; worrying about the "W" Wolves; and wondering how Alexandria will move forward after Pete just killed Reg Monroe in front of leader Deanna Monroe, then Rick turned around and killed Pete in front of his old "all life is precious" buddy Morgan.

Watch the video to hear all the speculation, and check out the YouTube comments if you want to join the "Is Negan Coming in Season 6?" debate. Guessing no on that -- unless it's at the very, very end.