Victoria Grayson changed into a sparkly red dress and casually blew herself up during last week's episode of "Revenge," and it looks like she's actually dead. Unlike the last time Victoria "exploded" (read: started squatting in a backwoods cabin), this Queen Bee isn't faking her demise –– and her departure from The Hamptons has a huge impact on Emily's life. And definitely not in a good way.

Louise Accuses Emily of Murder, Victoria Leaves A Suicide Note

In the words of Nolan: ding dong the bitch is dead! Sure, we continue to live in hope that Victoria's secretly trolling around the sand dunes of Long Island –– but she left a suicide note and her dental records were a match, so it looks like RIPs are in order.

Obviously, Victoria's Main Minions, Margaux LeMarchal and Louise Ellis, are completely distraught by their mentor's demise –– and they're convinced that Victoria was murdered by Emily. They even involve the Hamptons' police –– including Em's bitter ex, Officer Ben Hunter, who demands that she provide an alibi. Unfortunately, the only person who can confirm Emily's whereabouts at the time of Victoria's death is Mason Treadwell, who "died" last year. Not exactly a reliable source....

"Crazy Capote" Cons Emily, Nolan's Love Life Continues To Be a Shakespearean Tragedy

Mason Treadwell wants Emily to clear him of some old murder charges in exchange for not exposing her true story, and she quickly plays ball. The problem? Mason ditches town and then reveals that he was working with Victoria before her death. In fact, he sends Em a video message from Queen V in which she admits that she wants her enemy to take the fall! Dang, this lady just won't quit –– even in the afterlife (aka: hell).

In other unrelated-yet-tragic news, Nolan's boyfriend breaks up with him this week because he's about to be an adoptive father. Do the "Revenge" writers have something out for Nols, because this is just cruel.

Jack Makes His Triumphant Return, Victoria Gets The Last Laugh

Jack moved to sunny California last week –– but don't get too excited. This week, we have the pleasure of watching him frolic shirtless by a pool at his mom's house for about five minutes before he high tails it to The Hamptons to be questioned by the police. This gives him and Emily a great opportunity to have a tender-yet-awkward moment in the hallway, which would have been romantic if it weren't for Jack dramatically throwing his hands up in the air and leaving. (Sigh.)

So, do these star-crossed lovers finally get together? Not so much. Despite Ben telling Jack that Emily loves him, they never get a chance to lock lips because Emily's arrested –– and right after finding out that her dad has cancer, no less! Turns out Mason Treadwell planted evidence (including blood) in her car, which means she's the prime suspect in Victoria's murder.

In other words, this girl was just beaten at her own revengenda.

Have burning questions? Join the club:
1. Is Victoria really dead? There's no way she would have missed out on Em's arrest!
2. Will Emily be bailed out, or will she have to plot and scheme from behind bars?
3. Does Jack believe that Em's innocent, or is their relationship too far gone?
4. Will David Clarke beat his cancer diagnosis?