Inside Amy Schumer, girl you don't need makeup

Amy Schumer has struck yet another chord when it comes to feminist commentary, and this time, she's inspired a social media campaign, too.

On the latest episode of her Comedy Central series "Inside Amy Schumer," the comedian parodied silly boyband songs that implore women to take off their makeup and revel in their natural beauty. Of course, the tune, "Girl You Don't Need Makeup," eventually devolves into the four teenyboppers quickly realizing that they don't actually like the way their lady looks without cosmetics, and morphs into a series of digs at her appearance.

Lines like "You'll be the hottest girl in the nation with just a touch of foundation" and "Just a little mascara will make you look human" (as well as a reference to "the ghost from 'The Ring'") reveal the harsh truth behind impossible beauty standards: natural is fine, provided you look like a supermodel to begin with; otherwise, pass the blush.

Schumer took to Twitter before Tuesday night's show aired and invited fans to post their own makeup-free selfies with the hashtag #girlyoudontneedmakeup. Women (and even a few men) quickly flooded the social media site with responses.

The comedian was floored by the response, and implored women to "waste no time stressin bout looks."

"We are sisters and fighters and laughers and happy strong women," Schumer added. "Smile at yourself in the mirror girl."

[via: Amy Schumer, h/t Huffington Post]

Photo credit: YouTube