Simpsons"The Simpsons" should be renamed "The Immortals."

The longest-running scripted primetime series in history will run even longer now, with Fox ordering two more seasons of the animated comedy, according to Entertainment Weekly. Even in its old age, the show generates decent ratings - averaging around 6 million viewers, and over 2.9 in the advertised-coveted 18-49 demographic.

There will be 22 episodes in seasons 27 and 28, bringing the total to 625 episodes. That's 312 hours, or over 13 days worth of "Simpsons" footage.

No doubt FXX will do another mega-marathon, so get ready to break out the sweatpants, a few cases of energy drinks, and several Costco-sized tubs of cheese doodles. This'll be the binge to end all binges.