US-CULTURE-SMITHSONIAN-MAD MENIt truly was the end of an era when "Mad Men" signed off for good on May 17, and while the series finale divided some fans (did Don really achieve enlightenment? Was the Coke jingle meant to be sincere or cynical?), one thing everyone can agree on is that they wished some more fan favorite characters and storylines made the final cut. Now, creator Matthew Weiner has revealed that he, too, had a wishlist of people and things he wanted to feature in the final episodes -- and some of the items that were omitted from the series are heartbreaking.

At an event for the Writers Guild Foundation in Los Angeles Thursday night, Weiner appeared alongside "Mad Men" writers Janet Leahy, Erin Levy, Tom Smuts, Lisa Albert, Robert Towne, Jonathan Igla, Carly Wray, and Josh Weltman, and discussed said list, which Entertainment Weekly writer Anthony Breznican photographed and shared on Twitter (see below). While the notoriously opinionated Weiner has made it clear that he was pleased with the final episodes, we can't help but wonder what could have been based on this list, which has some items crossed off (hooray for addressing Peggy and Don's dynamic! Boo to bringing back creepy Glen!) that were covered throughout both parts of season seven.

Near the top of the list is dearly departed Sal, the closeted Sterling Cooper art director who was fired back in season three, and hadn't appeared on the series since. We would have loved to have seen him again, as well as Dr. Faye (also on the list), the only woman who ever really seemed suited for Don Draper, and who was unceremoniously dumped in favor of his secretary, Megan, at the end of season four.

It's easy to sit back and wonder what might have been with shows that are no longer on the air, but it's a bit harder to swallow knowing that Weiner and co. had the same desires, and ignored them in favor of weird waitresses and additional drama between Megan and her mother. "Mad Men" is still a masterpiece, but oh, the possibilities. If you want to feel depressed, check out the full list below.

[via: Anthony Breznican, h/t The Hollywood Reporter]

Photo credit: AFP/Getty Images