Arrested Development," and this time, the producer said that not only were new episodes in the works, but they could hit Netflix as soon as next summer.

Much like he did with the first bit of "Arrested" season five intel, which he dropped back in April, Grazer made the announcement on a podcast. While speaking with The Adam Corolla Show, Grazer revealed that production on the 17 new episodes was tentatively scheduled to start in January or February of 2016, with the season debuting sometime during the summer, approximately four months after filming.

That's some oddly specific info for a series that hasn't been mentioned by Netflix itself in ages, but if anyone involved with "Arrested" would know its status, it's Grazer, who co-produces the show with Ron Howard (who also narrates). Here's what Grazer told Corolla:

I had a conversation with Fox today – this morning – and Netflix is determined to do more episodes, so we're gonna do more episodes. The turn of the year – January, February – we're gonna start it. It's a lot of juggling of all these stars' lives...I made the call to Mitch [Hurwitz, show creator] to say everybody's into it.

Excuse us while we go do a happy chicken dance in celebration. (And keep our fingers crossed for fewer green-screen scenes.)

[via: The Adam Corolla Show, h/t CinemaBlend]