Church of Scientology's 11th Annual Christmas Stories FundraiserThe cast of "That '70s Show" just can't quit each other.

First, Ashton Kutcher married his on-screen love interest, Mila Kunis (after years of being just friend). Now, he's reuniting with Danny Masterson for a new, original Netflix sitcom titled "The Ranch."

"Two and a Half Men" co-showrunners Don Reo and Jim Patterson. That re-teams the duo with Kutcher, who starred on the CBS sitcom in its last four seasons.

In "The Ranch," Kutcher's character, a retired semi-pro football player, returns to his titular Colorado home to help his brother (Masterson) run the family business.

This is Netflix's second multi-cam sitcom after "Fuller House," the "Full House" sequel. "The Ranch" will also follow a slightly different streaming model than most other Netflix shows: It will release 20 episodes a year, in two batches. Most Netflix shows (comedy or drama) have 13 episodes a year.

Not only does this represent a reunion for Kutcher and Masterson, it also puts them in the same Netflix family as another "That '70s Show" star — "Orange Is the New Black."

So, does this mean we can expect new shows with Topher Grace and Wilmer Valderrama next?

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