heroes rebornThe newest promo for NBC's "Heroes Reborn" asks the question, "Where are the heroes?"

While a more cynical viewer may reply that the network was probably just holding onto them for a bit until nostalgia demanded they return in a reboot/spinoff, this grim teaser will wipe the smile off of their face. The clip paints a dark picture of the earth, which has been transformed into a brutal, post-apocalyptic landscape befallen by natural disasters and chaos around every corner. As a creepy cover of Metallica's "Nothing Else Matters" plays in the background, we see the same phrase, over and over, in multiple languages, scribbled on buildings, drawn into elaborate murals, hastily written on signs above desperate-looking people: Where are the heroes?

They've been off the air since 2010, and apparently, off duty from their earth-saving, too. But as the first teaser indicated, there's a young girl who could perhaps provide some hope for the weary world, and she gets an eerie cameo in this new promo, too.

There's no sight of the rest of the cast -- which includes Jack Coleman, Zachary Levi, Masi Oka, and Greg Grunberg -- but this glimpse at the series's basic premise is enough to intrigue us. Check out the teaser below.

"Heroes Reborn" debuts on NBC on September 24.

Photo credit: NBC