true detective, rachel mcadams, taylor kitschIt looks like love may be in the air for "True Detective" co-stars Rachel McAdams and Taylor Kitsch: According to a new report, the actors are dating.

Us Weekly says that the duo, who star together in season two of the HBO drama, have been spending lots of time together lately -- and that includes off-set, too. The magazine says that "multiple sources" confirm that the stars are dating, after being spotted out to dinner together last month.

"It hasn't been long," a source told Us Weekly of the pair's romance. "But it's serious." (Then again, a different source says, "I don't know if it's full-blown love yet, but they talk constantly." Get your stories straight, anonymous tabloid sources!)

According to the magazine, the actors -- who are both Canadian -- have been "friends for years," but "grew closer on set" while shooting the gritty drama. This isn't the first time that McAdams has been linked to a co-star: She famously dated everyone's favorite internet meme, Ryan Gosling, after appearing with him in "The Notebook."

A rep for Kitsch didn't return Us Weekly's request for comment on the report. Stay tuned to see if these potential lovebirds are the real deal.

[via: Us Weekly]

Photo credit: Lacey Terrell/HBO