In honor of the upcoming return of beloved sci-fi series "The X-Files," Fox is encouraging fans to catch up with the first nine seasons of the show -- and offering an ever-so-brief look at the new batch of episodes.

The promo, called 201 Days of The X-Files, is a nod to the fact that there are 201 days between today, July 7, and the show's return premiere date, January 24 -- which just so happens to be the number of episodes of the show that already exist. That's plenty of time to catch up with classic installments of the series, the network says, offering a few clips from episodes past (the scene where David Duchovny's Mulder asks Gillian Anderson's Scully if she believes in aliens, for instance) to whet fans' appetites.

It's a clever bit of marketing, since it also includes snippets of the show's iconic, nostalgia-inducing theme song, and taps in perfectly to our culture's current binge-watching obsession. And if that weren't enough, there's a couple scenes from the new episodes, too, to really get audiences excited.

What little new footage there is doesn't tell viewers much, though it does feature some cryptic, weary dialogue between Mulder and Scully that seems perfectly at home on the series. The pair storm into a darkened room, guns drawn, as they discuss in voiceover a mystery that Mulder is certain can be solved by dipping into the show's titular records.

"The truth is in there," he insists.

"I've heard the truth, Mulder. All I want are the answers," Scully replies.

Sounds like we'll be getting at least a few of those soon. Until then, enjoy the promo below.

Watch the promo.

​Photo credit: YouTube