Never fear, everybody, "Breaking Bad" alum jumping in with an offer of peace pancakes and coffee.

Long story short, Nicki and her fans were upset with her VMAs snub(s), and Nicki tweeted some shots that seemed like they were directed at Taylor Swift and "Bad Blood," without ever mentioning Taylor's name. The Hollywood Reporter documented the back and forth, but here's part of the Nicki-Taylor exchange:

Nicki also retweeted several comments that did take direct jabs at Taylor:

Here's the part where Aaron Paul comes in:

Do it -- and film it! Seriously, though, can you imagine Jesse Pinkman mediating peace talks? He'd probably just shout "Stop being such a little b-tch!" in their faces and walk off. Bruno Mars was also inspired by the Twitter feud, but in a less helpful way -- he just tried to start a fight with fellow VMAs nominee Ed Sheeran. None of this addresses Nicki's or Taylor's race, gender, image and validation concerns, but when you're a celebrity and you get passive-aggressive on Twitter you deserve to be called out. But if they're not up for it, Aaron, we're 100 percent on board for that coffee and pancakes breakfast.

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