silence of the lambs, buffalo billNot many people would want to live in a home once owned by a serial killer. But what if the killer was fictitious, and the house was used in a movie?

Film buffs now have the chance to invest in a piece of cinema history, with the listing of the Pennsylvania house that stood in for the home of killer Buffalo Bill (played by actor Ted Levine) in "The Silence of the Lambs." The 2,400-square foot Victorian has gone on sale for the relatively-low price of $300,000, and includes four large bedrooms, a full attic, a gazebo, an in-ground pool and pool house (a converted caboose), and built-in fireplaces, mantles, cabinets, and shelving.

As for the full basement (which wasn't used in filming), prospective buyers shouldn't worry about someone imprisoning them in the dungeon. Or should they?

"The there is the there really a pit in the basement, or is all just movie magic?" says the official listing from Berkshire Hathaway. "Just put on the lotion, and come see this home and find out!"

Sure, that's a creepy invitation, but just look at all those hardwood floors and original molding!

In reality, the couple that owns the house, Scott and Barbara Lloyd, said in an interview with that they were simply tired of caring for the spacious home, whose porch, foyer, and dining room can be seen in the flick. Realtor Dianne Wilk added that potential buyers could turn the house into a horror-themed bed and breakfast to capitalize on its ties to "Silence of the Lambs."

"People love to be scared," Wilk told "I could see somebody doing something fun with this."

[via: Berkshire Hathaway,]

Photo credit: Berkshire Hathaway