"Jurassic World" became one of the biggest box office hits ever with the help of Chris Pratt, raptors, and dinos-fighting-dinos goodness.

The only thing that would have made it an even bigger hit? LEGOs.

The new video from Brotherhood Workshop thankfully adds the building blocks to mix, re-telling the film in 90 seconds. You haven't lived until you've seen Chris Pratt, who voiced the lead character in "The LEGO Movie," in LEGO man form. (Thanks, meta internet!)

The short recreates key moments from the film -- like the shot of Pratt's Raptor Whisperer riding his motorcycle alongside his raptor pals) -- while also delivering a snarky take on some of the film's plot-driving exposition scenes.

If there's a better minute-and-a-half of the day to spend, we don't wanna know about it.