Lily Tomlin's name is being tossed around in the Oscar race for her role in "Grandma," but she has another hurdle to cross before that happens—the Emmys. She knows what it's like to win the latter, having taken home seven awards. But this time, win or lose, she'll be a little more excited to go to the ceremony than she was the first time.

"I wasn't going to go," she recalls of her first time at the Emmys to Jimmy Kimmel on his late-night program Thursday. "My lawyer, he must have an inside track, persuaded me to go. So I did go, and I did win, and it was a total surprise."

What does she remember about that night? One, her voice was "so high-pitched" and the other was that all her fellow winners were thanking God and saying it was the greatest night of their lives.

"I was just fed up with it," she says, "so I said this is not the greatest night of my life, because I had a great baked potato at Nippers on Thursday."

Tomlin sees her nomination for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series for Netflix's "Grace and Frankie" as an award for the show, not necessarily a personal triumph.

"[The nomination] makes me trepidatious in a way because I want to win, and I don't want to win, but I want to win because [costar Jane Fonda] is so gracious and she was totally cool about it and she'll probably get it next year," she says.

R1 hr 18 minJan 30th, 2015