"Ricki And The Flash" New York Premiere - Inside ArrivalsLike Full House" -- and upcoming revival series, "Fuller House" -- weren't too thrilled about Lifetime's biopic treatment, "The Unauthorized Full House Story," which premiered this weekend. Naturally, some of the cast members took to social media to air their grievances.

Candace Cameron Bure, who played D.J. in the original show and is set to reprise the role as the matriarch on "Fuller House," didn't name any names when she tweeted out a review on Saturday night. But it wasn't hard to tell which program she was calling "So bad. Just so bad" during "Unauthorized"'s timeslot.

Costar Andrea Barber, back as Kimmy Gibbler on "Fuller," also had a negative review, tweeting out a screencap of her character rolling her eyes. "Basically I'm going to be making this face all night," Barber quipped.

Even "Full House" creator Jeff Franklin chimed in, directing some more specific critiques "Unauthorized"'s way, calling the flick "Not so good" and claiming it got some facts wrong about his relationship with star Bob Saget. "But at least they spelled our names right!" Franklin said of the movie's one redeeming quality.

Surprisingly, John Stamos, whose Uncle Jesse is still as beloved today as he was in the show's late '80s/early '90s heyday, didn't have anything negative to say about "Unauthorized," despite his penchant for airing his grievances all over social media. Instead, Stamos decided to have mercy (sorry) and wished the actor playing him, Justin Gaston, well, throwing in a witty, Uncle Jesse-esque remark for good measure.

"Hope you have as much fun being me as I do," Stamos told Gaston on Twitter.

[via: Candace Cameron Bure, Andrea Barber, Jeff Franklin, John Stamos, h/t Time]

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