Ringo, Paul, John and George during the filming of "Help!"

Fifty years ago Tuesday, moviegoers enjoyed a cinematic "Ticket to Ride" with the Beatles.

The frantic, funny, groundbreaking film "Help!" opened wide on Aug. 25, 1965, after an earlier royal premiere in the UK and a special screening in Chicago, delivering what the New York Times called at the time "90 crowded minutes of good, clean insanity."

"Help!" was a follow-up to "A Hard Day's Night" -- the more critically admired of the Beatles movies -- though this one has managed to make its mark, a globe-trotting James Bond spoof that helped set the stage for every music video ever to follow.

And of course there was the music: "You're Going to Lose that Girl," "I Need You," "Ticket to Ride," the titular "Help!" and "Yesterday."

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