Up movie houseThe real-life house in Seattle with similarities to the home in Pixar's "Up" is starring in its own movie.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Fox Searchlight is developing a film Edith Macefield, who was the lone holdout when a big commercial development bought all the land around her 1,000-square-foot home.

While Pixar denies that Macefield's house inspired the one carried away by balloons in "Up," the similarities are very striking. Macefield's house stood in Seattle for 100 years, until 2006, when commercial real estate developers began buying up all the properties around her. She became something of a local hero by turning down a $1 million offer.

Up Seattle house
The movie will focus on her unlikely friendship with Barry Martin, who supervised the construction project. He checked on the elderly woman daily as the five-story mall was built around her house. When Macefield died in 2008, she willed her home to Martin.

Now, the house is owned by a non-profit, which is trying to raise money to move it to Orcas Island. They'd better start filling up those balloons!

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