Sons of AnarchyWhen it comes to ride or die, Kurt Sutter would rather ride.

The "Sons of Anarchy" creator is working on a spinoff series for FX, according to Entertainment Weekly. The new drama would focus on the Mayans motorcycle club, the Oakland-based Latino biker club that had a contentious relationship with SAMCRO in "Sons of Anarchy."

In the original series, the Mayans controlled most of Northern California and almost all of Nevada, and trafficked heroin and weapons through their territory. Their motto was "Los Asesinos del Dios," or "The Assassins of God."

A spinoff makes a lot of sense for FX, since "Sons of Anarchy" was their most popular show before it ended in December 2014. Over 9.2 million viewers watched the series finale.

Sutter has previously talked about making a prequel limited series to "Sons of Anarchy," but it's unclear if this project is the same thing. It might be some time before any spinoff gets made, as Sutter himself is busy with his upcoming medieval drama "The Bastard Executioner," where premieres Sept. 15 on FX.

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