Apple may be gearing up to compete with Netflix, Hulu and Amazon by producing its own original programming.

Variety reports that the tech giant has been quietly meeting with Hollywood execs, but Apple hasn't confirmed that. Should these plans pan out, Apple could be in the original content business by 2016.

Variety cites one unnamed "high-level executive," who said that the company wants to create long-form content. Whether that's TV series or movies remains to be seen. It's also not clear if they'd opt for a subscription model, like Netflix, or continue to charge per program download, as they do on iTunes.

Apple reportedly tried to make a deal for the "Top Gear" stars' new show after they left the BBC, but they ended up at Amazon instead.

And while Apple has been buying independent films at festivals to distribute on iTunes, they've also been talking about creating their own original indie films, a source tells Variety.

CEO Tim Cook reportedly has about $200 billion to spend in either acquiring content or building up its own in-house studio, which isn't exactly chump change.

Slashfilm speculates that Oscar-nominated director David Fincher might be just the guy to head up its original content division, since he's made ads for Apple in the past and only bowed out of the Steve Jobs biopic (which went to Danny Boyle) after a dispute with Sony over money. Sounds like Apple has more than enough money to throw around.