Stars who made their names beating up bad guys three decades ago may be in their fifties and sixties now, but they're still big box office draws, at least to overseas audiences (where Hollywood makes most of its money anyway) and to older North American viewers (increasingly, a dependable group of moviegoers with disposable income).

So it's no wonder that recent releases are action thrillers starring hardcore heroes who look like your dad. Call them "dadcore" heroes. It's not just '80s stalwarts like Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Bruce Willis, either, but also thespians like Liam Neeson and Danny Glover, guys who can actually act.

Either way, their years give them a sense of experience and worldliness that makes up for their lessened speed and agility. Here's a countdown of the top 10 among these senior silver-screen tough guys.