Robert Redford, Nick Nolte, Emma Thompson! Talk about a star-studded cast!

But to the dismay of critics, even these A-listers can't save "A Walk In the Woods," the Ken Kwapis-directed action film about a renown travel writer (Redford)'s decision to take a 2,200 hike with a troubled former friend (Nolte) who leads them both on a wild adventure.

The acting in the film - which is given only a 47 percent Rotten Tomatoes score - is predictably praised by critics. But the movie is panned for being somewhat flat, with occasional memorable moments.

"As [Redford] hooks up with his alcoholic, overweight frenemy Stephen Katz, the point of the movie, and their journey, becomes less clear. This isn’t a bad thing. The real point of the movie is watching Redford and Nolte together, and too much plot would have cut into the curmudgeon time." -- Peter Hartlaub,

"Redford, meanwhile, is nearly 80 ... He is, as people often reminded, way too old for the journey. It creates an odd dissonance between the character and the scenario, which almost elevates the films to a level of high fantasy. The nature of this fantasy is boringly feel-good and aspirational. 'A Walk in the Woods' feels like a self-help movie by proxy. Watching it, we’re supposed be inspired by the pluck and resolve of Redford’s Bryson, while awed by the rapturous Appalachian scenery." -- John Semley,

But there are those who argue the acting is enough to make it all worth seeing.

"'A Walk in the Woods' is just about as soothing as it sounds — a funny, contemplative consideration of what can and should be done in life brought into focus by two wily veteran actors who, like the characters they play, are obviously not ready to give up the ghost ... In 'A Walk in the Woods' they show what true cinematic chemistry is all about without appearing to be acting at all." -- Tom Long, The Detroit News

A Walk in the Woods

"When you push yourself to the edge, the real fun begins."
R1 hr 44 minSep 2nd, 2015