Here's one way to make lemonade out of lemons: Turn your televised dumping into a showcase for your music career. Carly Waddell just got her heart broken last night on the first part of the "Bachelor in Paradise" Season 2 finale. Tonight will feature the second part of the finale, plus an "After Paradise" special where Carly and Kirk DeWindt will discuss what went wrong. (Awwwwkwwwarrrrd.)

At end of Sunday's show, Kirk dumped Carly in what most viewers -- especially Carly -- found to be a shocking move. They had seemed so happy, but apparently he was having doubts and just wasn't on the same page as Carly. Tanner (who always has plenty to say to the cameras, behind everyone's backs) said it was kind of an a--hole move for Kirk to wait until the 11th hour. Kirk shouldn't have led Carly on to that extent, but he does deserve some credit for breaking it off before the fantasy suites, so as not to take it even further. It's not like he didn't like her, he just didn't see the same future. But she never saw it coming, and as the episode aired she reacted to the news on Twitter:

So there you go, that's her statement: "Blindsided. A song for Kirk." It's actually a great song and she has an amazing voice.

Meanwhile, Kirk -- who has been taking a beating from fans -- issued his own statement:

Good luck to both of them in the future. And, in case you're curious, here are some spoilers on what happens tonight in the rest of the finale.

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