That Merc with a Mouth has a sensitive side. "Deadpool" is going to be rated R (a hard R, they say) but star Ryan Reynolds went a little PG-13 on Twitter when sharing a photo in full costume. Here's Wade Wilson/Deadpool, reading Judy Blume's classic "Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret" alongside Brianna Hildebrand as Ellie Phimister, aka Negasonic Teenage Warhead, a mutant telepath who can see into the future:

As Ryan notes, Deadpool is just trying to connect with the young badass -- and what better way to understand a girl than through Judy Blume? #truth

This movie is going to be ridiculous, in all the best ways. We're counting the days until the release on February 12, 2016. Ryan wrapped filming back in May, but we can look forward to (hopefully) more "Deadpool" teases from him on Twitter, plus maybe more previews like that awesome red band trailer.

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