allegiant, divergent, divergent seriesThe first teaser trailer for the third installment in the "Divergent" series, "Allegiant," is finally here, and it offers a peek at even more challenges facing Tris (Shailene Woodley) and co. as they venture beyond the wall and into the unknown.

First, the clip gives viewers a refresher on the first two flicks, "Divergent" and "Insurgent," and how Tris fought back against the powers that be, led by Kate Winslet's Jeanine. She shatters the status quo -- and there's lots of imagery of shattering glass on display here, in case you didn't get the message -- and leads Four (Theo James) and others on a path to finding out the truth about what the Erudite have hidden from them.

That all leads to a glimpse of the group scaling the wall surrounding the ruined Chicago, and standing atop it to see what's before them: another wasteland, this one a glowing red mystery. There's also the introduction of Jeff Daniels's character, David, who leads the Bureau of Genetic Welfare and tells Tris, ominously, "You saved a city. Help me save the world."

Check out the clip below. "Allegiant" is due in theaters on March 18, 2016.

Photo credit: YouTube