Sometimes you can't "make it work" and you can't "carry on" and even "Project Runway's" Tim Gunn understands why.

Reality TV show quitters are usually dragged by fans, but "Project Runway" Season 14 viewers showed their softer sides last night during Episode 7 when designer Jake Wall decided to leave. It was noticed that he was looking down, and apparently it wasn't just because he almost went home the week before. As he explained to Tim Gunn, he got a call that his dog was sick and wasn't going to make it.

Jake had apparently already lost his parents and said "this dog has been my rock when I needed one." He cried, saying maybe not everyone would understand, but he felt he had to go home and be there for his dog or he'd regret it. Tim, an animal lover himself, was compassionate and said he understood. "Project Runway" is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, but the kind of "unconditional love" you get from a family member is worth more than the potential money or career boost.

It was a heartbreaking (but also heartwarming) moment, and PR fans took to Twitter to share their sympathies:

And here's shot of the sweet little guy from Jake:

Pets aren't like family, they are family. Jake made the right call, and hopefully he has no regrets.

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