There were so many random, inexplicable things going on during Sunday night's Emmys. Why was Bradley Whitford wearing a fedora? Why was Amy Poehler wearing a hoodie that looked like Pennsatucky's from "Orange Is the New Black"? Did the HBO Now username and password that host Andy Samberg revealed to an audience of millions actually work? (Actually, yes, but only briefly.) Why was the orchestra playing the music from the movie "Ghostbusters"? (Was it because Ray Parker Jr. was in the house band?) Why was everyone wearing green ribbons? (Because climate change was the political mcause du jour.) And what happened during Mel Brooks' choppily edited presentation? Did he swear or were producers furiously trimming the 89-year-old legend's words in order to keep the show under three hours?

No doubt we'll learn the answers to these burning questions in time. Meanwhile, we'll be talking about these 13 moments from the 67th Emmys for a while, maybe even for ages yet to come, but almost certainly long after we learn the mysteries behind Whitford and Poehler's head coverings.