Can you believe it's been 28 years since "Full House" premiered? Candace Cameron Bure honored the anniversary on September 22 when sharing a version of the photo above. She also talked to TVLine about some of the updates we'll see in 2016 when "Fuller House" premieres.

"Tonally, the show is very much the same, but it's updated," Candace told TVLine. "I'm sure a few of the jokes are a little bit racier now than they would have been in the '90s, but it's still nothing that's inappropriate or that you would feel uncomfortable watching with your kids. We're three grown women, and I have to say, we're all pretty good-looking, too. [Laughs] We have some cute guys on the show, too, so that's fun."

But she'd rather talk about the girls, especially DJ's best friend Kimmy Gibbler, played by Candace's good friend Andrea Barber. ''You're going to howl over Kimmy!" Candace said. "Andrea Barber is so funny, it's ridiculous. She's even funnier as Kimmy as an adult than she was as a kid. Kimmy and DJ are still best friends, and because Andrea and I have been really close friends our whole lives, you really see the chemistry on screen."

Sweet! Candace recently talked to Moviefone about how DJ herself has changed. "I mean, we get to see her twenty-some years later, so it's just fun to see her as a mom, and to see what kind of mom she's become, and what kind of woman. And it's just a character that's so special to me, and it's fun to be able to develop her even more -– and particularly because I get to do that with the writers. And sit down and talk with them, and get to hear their thoughts. They hear my thoughts, and then so it just becomes this character that we all love."

Candace added to TVLine, "She's not a teenager anymore, but she's still really fun. She also has to keep three boys under control without a husband, so she's got to be a disciplinarian. If you were that teenage girl who wished that DJ was your sister, or wished that she was your best friend, you'll be really happy with how she is as a mom."

Sounds good so far, and it'll be nice to have a show that families can watch together without feeling uncomfortable. Then again, what's family without a little awkwardness?

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