By now, fans of "The Good Wife" are probably familiar with the controversy over that final scene between BFFs Alicia Florrick (Julianna Margulies) and Kalinda Sharma (Archie Panjabi). The two actresses weren't even in the same room together, which was awkward to watch. In a new interview with Vulture, Julianna weighed in on the rumored "feud" they had behind-the-scenes, and tried to explain how they shot the split screen scene without each other. (Spoiler alert: Archie will not agree with this.)

First, here's Julianna, via Vulture, at the New Yorker Festival on Sunday:

"Right, I've heard about [the feud]. Who says that? It's totally gossip. I heard that question had been asked to ['Good Wife' co-creator] Robert King. There's no story there, sorry ... I actually had heard [that rumor] and I feel that it has been talked about and answered. I feel people just like to have gossip or make something into something that isn't there. There's no animosity on my part. It's a shame, because I wonder if it was two men, when one finds out that he f-cked his best friend's wife, if it would get that same attention, you know what I mean?"

She also defended the split-screen scene and its technical direction. "It was shot the way Robert wanted to shoot it, and the story line, too," she said. "You also have to remember, there's difficulty ... [Panjabi] was also doing another show, called The Fall. I went along with whatever Robert asked me to do and I did it happily."

Vulture ended with "case closed" but Archie Panjabi re-opened the case with this reaction tweet:

That was her first tweet since September 21, so it's not even like she comments on everything. She went out of her way to set the record straight, at least from her perspective. Previously, when asked about the "faked" scene, she told E!, "All I can say is this: The decision-making process is not something I'm privy to." Fans are now pushing her to explain more, because if she was ready to do the scene, what happened? Why would anyone want the stars to shoot separately unless there was a particular reason? It was a frustrating scene for many fans, and if this explanation is not true, it would be good to know what really happened to create such a letdown for the characters.

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