Last time we checked in on "The Blacklist," Liz Keen had box-dyed her hair a freakishly gorgeous shade of blonde (seriously, what is this dye she's using?), and was chilling at the Russian embassy — because lest you forget she's identifying as a FSB agent these days. So, did everyone's favorite FBI profiler make it to the Mother Land? Not so much. Keep reading to find out what happened to Liz, plus details on Tom Keen's return from the beyond. (He's baa-aaaack!)

Liz Joins Team Russia, Promptly Re-Joins Team USA

So, Liz's plan completely fails the moment she crosses into Russia's embassy. Like, it could not have been more of a failure. The good news is she barters diplomatic immunity using her wit and charm, but the bad news is that her contact is secretly a cabal member, who definitely wants to kill her on the airplane over to Moscow. So, all in all not a great day for Liz.

Red Takes a Bunch of Randoms Hostage, Ressler Remains Confused

As we all know, Ressler is the worst FBI agent of all time, and he basically has no idea what he's doing with himself. Sure, he manages to save Liz by intercepting her ride to the airport, but then he loses her because he has no idea how to run / use his legs. Since Ressler never learned how to chase people, Liz manages to book it over to a coffee shop where she finds Red — but it's only a few minutes before Ressler shows up and ruins everything. Poor Red's forced to take everyone hostage due to Ressler's ineptitude, but he gets a few demands in for good measure. Most important among them? Bring in corrupt lawyer, Marvin Gerard, or a hostage dies every half hour.

Ressler Continues to Be Terrible at His Job, Miraculously Hasn't Been Fired

Spoiler alert: Red is a genius. Turns out he set up the entire hostage situation as a jail break, conning Ressler into getting him a lawyer in the process. Oh, Ress. One day you'll get better at this job! While we don't know what purpose Gerard will serve this season, we do know that Liz and Red have set sail to lands unknown. We can only assume they're traveling to Europe to buy Red some more fedoras.

Two Words: TOM KEEN

The best day of your life is here: Tom Keen is back on "The Blacklist," and showed up just to chat with Ressler. Who knows what these two could have to talk about other than their mutual crush on Liz, but maybe they'll actually get something done for once. Either way we're excited — though the fact that Dembe is currently being tortured in a warehouse is kind of putting a damper on things. Will he crack and give the cabal Red's location? Probably, because the sock weapon he was repeatedly hit with doesn't look like fun times.

Burning Questions....

1. Where are Liz and Red going? We know Red has connections everywhere, but they can't just peace out to another country without anyone noticing, right?

2. What does Tom want with Ressler? We assume he's Team Liz, so hopefully he's there to change Ressler's mind. Expect lots of awkwardness since both these men are clearly in love with The Blacklist's leading lady.

3. Is Dembe OK? Because we're getting worried.

4. Who is in charge of the cabal and what do they want with Red — other than to seek revenge for exposing The Fulcrum?