self-lacing shoe, self-lacing, nike, nikes, back the to future, back to the future iiThere are still lots of things from the 2015 world of "Back to the Future II" that we haven't gotten yet, but one item we can cross off the list soon is self-lacing Nikes. In honor of Back to the Future Day, "BTTF" star Michael J. Fox helped the company debut its new creation, the Nike MAG, the proceeds of which will go to a good cause.

Fox shared a video of himself trying on the self-lacing kicks, which respond to pressure from the heel to lace together. Pushing a green button tightens the laces, and pushing a red button loosens them.

"That's cool," Fox marvels in the video as he checks out the shoes, which look almost identical to the pair that Marty McFly straps on in "BBTF2." They even light up, just like the shoes featured in the flick's version of 2015.

"That's insane," Fox says as he plays around with the different features, smiling and laughing. "It's really great."

In addition to agreeing to produce the shoes, Nike and the Michael J. Fox Foundation have also partnered to sell them, and the proceeds will help benefit Parkinson's research and the work of the foundation. The shoes go on sale sometime in 2016.

Check out the video demonstration below.

Michael J. Fox models the first self-lacing Nike Mags.

Michael J. Fox models the first self-lacing Nike MAG.

Posted by The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research on Wednesday, October 21, 2015

[via: Michael J. Fox Foundation Facebook,]