Comic-Con International 2015 - Lionsgate Press RoomJennifer Lawrence has received an outpouring of support following her scathing essay last week that put Hollywood on blast for its ridiculous gender-based wage gap. Now, one of her "Hunger Games" costars is also getting in on the J-Law love.

In an interview with MTV News, Josh Hutcherson said that he was "really proud" of his pal and her "incredible" essay, agreeing with Lawrence that the sexism at play in actresses' salaries is outrageous.

"To even have to say the words 'women's pay' sounds so backwards and f--ked up and not modern in any way, shape or form. And so for Jen to use her platform to speak about it in her classic Jen way, just blunt, saying what she thinks, I think it's great," Hutcherson told MTV. "Obviously it's something that should have happened decades and decades and decades ago, and the fact that it's something we're still dealing with now is f--king embarrassing and shocking."

Hutcherson added that Lawrence, who's known for no-holds-barred public persona, was always a little "gun-shy" about speaking out on such important issues before. But the actor said that he was happy to see her now "using her voice not just to make people laugh."

We'll raise a three-fingered "Hunger Games" salute to that.

[via: MTV News]

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