MARVEL'S JESSICA JONESAfter a handful of teasers, Jessica Jones," and it looks even darker than we had previously imagined.

The clip opens with Jessica (Krysten Ritter) discussing her second life as a detective after she gives up her superhero abilities.

"A big part of the job is looking for the worst in people," she explains. "Turns out I excel at that."

The reason for that, as we learn through flashbacks, is that Jessica was once under the mind control spell of the villainous Kilgrave (David Tennant), a man whose evil, twisted ways seemingly know no bounds. Though the horrors he inflicted on Jessica (and made her inflict on others) are only suggested, it's clear that he's creepy as hell -- and still a danger to our heroine.

"The way I see it, being a hero just puts a target on your back," says Jessica's new friend, Luke Cage (Mike Colter), a fellow former superhero who's posing simply as a bartender for now.

"Been there, done that," Jessica replies, implying that she's officially done with her past, too.

But as Kilgrave looms, it's clear that Jessica will indeed need to "play the hero" (a vicious taunt from our villain) once more. Just how much destruction he'll leave in his wake before she rediscovers the superheroine within has yet to be seen.

"Marvel's Jessica Jones" debuts on Netflix on November 20.