UPDATE: Huzzah! As we all saw coming a mile away (even before Lifetime spoiled it in their own promo), Tim Gunn used his save on Edmond Newton. The October 29 episode picked up the action right from the end of last week. Tim addressed the designers, including Edmond, saying he felt numb. He told Edmond he should be so proud to have made it to final four. Then he dropped the bomb: "Well, you're not going anywhere. I'm using the save." Edmond jumped up and hugged him. He (and the other designers) didn't seem surprised. Candice said it was kind, but Tim said it wasn't kind it was deserved. In an Old School season of PR, they would've just sent all four designers straight on to Fashion Week from the start or made the hard decision of cutting one and living with it. But now that we have the Tim Gunn Save they want to use it for dramatic effect.

Original post:

"Project Runway," you can't fool us! At the end of last night's Season 14, Episode 12, "Roll Out the Red Carpet,"Tim Gunn did not fold his hands in compassion and send Edmond Newton to the workroom to clean up his space. So Tim is going to use his save on Edmond, right, sending four designers to Fashion Week? Please?

The October 22 episode ended with Edmond as the shocking elimination -- especially shocking since he'd been one of the frontrunners from Week 1, he was never in the bottom before last night, and he took the risks that he was asked to take in this final red carpet challenge before Fashion Week.

Candice Cuoco was sent through even though the judges acknowledged she played it safe with that black dress and everyone said this was not the week to play it safe. Edmond experimented with color and really went wild with those scissors. Nina Garcia was right -- the fabric was dominating the design and, overall, it was a disappointment from Edmond. But it should've been appreciated that he stepped outside of his usual comfort zone, more than the favored designers who did what they usually do. The judges didn't like Ashley Nell Tipton's design that much, and she's been in the bottom a few times this season (three times in a row), but Heidi Klum decided it was "fair" to send Edmond home based on this particular challenge. If the judges were consistent with that "one day you're in, and the next day you're out" decision it would be one thing, but they pick and choose which rules to follow -- like the one about not playing it safe in this red carpet challenge.

It's frustrating when "Project Runway" designers are punished for taking requested risks, and hopefully eliminating Edmond was just a way for Tim Gunn to step in and save him, based on his potential and his success in the rest of the season. Edmond has won three challenges, he's almost won four others, and he had never been a low scorer before last night. Not saying Ashley, Candice or Kelly should've been "out" instead, just arguing in favor of all four being sent through to Fashion Week. And that's probably what's going to happen.

The final collections, for the top six, were shown at New York Fashion Week in September. Based on those designs, and the rest of the season, we picked Edmond as our predicted winner. We're not ready to change that prediction yet, but now we'll guess he edges out Kelly Dempsey, who may take second. (We originally thought Swapnil might be runner-up. Oops.)

What do you think? Edmond for the save? Edmond for the win as well, or just to the finals?

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