UPDATE: After Tim Gunn did indeed use his save on Edmond Newton in the 10/29 episode, Edmond returned to Twitter to thank fans with new, clearly excited, ALL CAPS messages:

Congrats, Edmond! Yeah, we all saw it coming, but he deserved that second chance.

Original post:

"Project Runway" Season 14 designer Edmond Newton admitted he was shocked to be eliminated last week, but he showed nothing but class in his exit speech, and he tweeted appreciation for the support of his equally positive fans. It's possible our -- and his -- positivity stems from being 99.999 percent sure that Tim Gunn is about to drop that save on Edmond in tomorrow's Thursday, October 29 episode. But it's not a given. (OK, maybe it is a given, since -- as a commenter below pointed out -- you can see a flash of Edmond's bald head in the promo.)

This has to be an interesting week for Edmond. The PR fandom has filled the Internet with anger, sympathy, hope, and expectation. If Tim doesn't save Edmond, this is all just more salt in the designer's wounds. But we're all crossing our fingers, and Edmond has noticed. He tweeted a brief note for fans after he was eliminated and, earlier in the week, shared an Instagram post to speak for him:


A photo posted by EDMOND NEWTON (@edmondnewton) on

If Edmond wasn't having phone issues, he might've said more on the subject. Or he might be waiting for a certain save to happen before he says anything else. It's not over until Tim says we'll miss you (unless your name is Swapnil), but you need to head to the workroom to clean up your space. And that hasn't happened yet.

Lifetime isn't even being subtle about Tim Gunn maaaaayyyybe using his save, mentioning it in the new promo for Finale Part 1 and teasing "a shocking surprise that will have everyone tweeting." About Edmond? That may have been the entire point of eliminating him -- to create must-see drama before the finale.

Here's the promo:

Part 1 of the finale airs October 29 and then, sadly, we must say goodbye to the entire 2015 season next Thursday, November 5.

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