Finding DoryAt last!

The first trailer for the long-awaited "Finding Dory," the sequel to 2003's smash hit "Finding Nemo," finally debuted on "The Ellen Show" this morning. And "Dory" looks just as lovable, quirky, and gently humorous as "Nemo."

Though it's been a dozen years since "Nemo," it's only been six months in the movie timeline. Dory (Ellen DeGeneres) is still living with clownfish friends Martin (Albert Brooks) and son Nemo. But soon, she starts sleep-swimming and recalling old memories. Yes, Dory can remember!

She experiences memories of her family, and with Martin and Nemo's help, sets off on a grand adventure to discover her past. Pixar has previously revealed that some of the movie will be set at the Monterey Marine Life Institute, and that Dory will meet with new characters, including a beluga whale, whale shark, and octopus.

"Finding Dory" opens in theaters June 17, 2016.

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