Could this BE more random? "Friends" everyone just assumes they can join your squad.

JB posted this black-and-white photo with the "Friends" alum about 14 hours ago, and it already has more than 1.1 million likes:

That's a lot of likes (so far), but not the most on Bieber's Instagram and still nowhere near the more than 3.2 million record-breaking "likes" Kendall Jenner got for this hair pic. Not that it's a competition. But seriously. Jennifer Aniston must defeat the Kardashians. It is her density destiny.

As"The Ellen DeGeneres Show," which is celebrating Bieber Week and yes that's a thing. "Ellen" is also celebrating its 2,000th show today, and Jen was one of the many celeb guests. Justin Timberlake was also in the house but, so far, only Jen has had the honor of seeing her pic blasted out to the gazillions of Beliebers. There's no caption, so it's ... well, it's waiting for fan captions, maybe, so consider writing your own story for this occasion. From here, it looks like the perfect time to bring in Phoebe for a group rendition of "Smelly Cat."

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