Yes, The Force is strong with this little Star Wars fan, but which side is she on?

This is how it starts. The Empire trains them young, feeds them propaganda, and gets them to sing "The Imperial March" even when they should be sleeping. Keep an eye on this little girl -- along with the rest of the world, which has seen her crib video more than 2,377,900 times on YouTube.

User Jonathan H. Liu posted the video back on November 6 and it has gone viral, with "Star Wars" fans approving of this particular lullaby. As Liu wrote, "We watched Star Wars with our kids recently, and our toddler (2 and a half) really enjoyed the bits she saw before her bedtime. One of her favorite parts: the Imperial March. Here she is singing it to herself in her crib (as seen through the baby monitor)."

Question: Twenty years from now, will she be proud or embarrassed to have this video online? Probably proud, since it shows she has good taste. Then again, it's not unusual for people, and animals, to mimic this particular tune. A few years ago, two birds also whistled "The Imperial March."

Did John Williams foresee these events when he created that brilliant piece of music? And can children and animals also perform the "Cantina" theme? Do or do not, there is no try!

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