Central IntelligenceAll you need is a little Hart and a big Johnson (insert the wink emoji).

The teaser trailer for "Central Intelligence" has a lot of fun with its mismatched stars, Kevin Hart and Dwayne Johnson, with plenty of visual gags comparing their very different physical statures. Calvin (Hart) is a boring accountant who was once king of their high school, while Bob was the overweight nerd who filled out to become The Rock a CIA operative. They have to team up when Bob needs Calvin's help on a dangerous mission.

This totally fits in with Hart's very successful ouevre — action comedies that partner him with a very different personality (see: "Ride Along" with Ice Cube). But "Central Intelligence" has the bonus of starring The Rock, who really should do more comedies. And seeing a fat version of Johnson singing and dancing? Sold.

"Central Intelligence" opens in theaters June 17, 2016.

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