"Bones" is currently in its 11th season, but after a new series of lawsuits there are question marks about the Fox show surviving to Season 12.

First, "Bones" executive producer Barry Josephson filed a lawsuit against Fox over profit participation, accusing executives of previously threatening to cancel the show if producers (including the two leads) didn't agree to a reduction in the episodic license fees. Right after that lawsuit, stars David Boreanaz and Emily Deschanel, and executive producer Kathleen Reichs, filed a lawsuit for "tens of millions of dollars" they believe they are owed by Fox. As TVLine reported, the actors claim in the suit they are contractually entitled to 3 percent of the series' profits, while EP Reichs is owed 5 percent, and they don't believe they've been paid enough from the more than $100 million they say they've made for Fox.

You may be playing the world's smallest violin for these multi-millionaires, but if the money is coming in, shouldn't it be directed to the right places instead of just going into some executive's pocket or ... who knows where else?

Anyway, with these lawsuits in the air, it's not clear whether Season 12 will get a green light or not. (The show still gets between 5-6 million viewers an episode, with ratings around 1.1 in the 18-49 demo.) Amid all the tension, David Boreanaz took a moment to thank fans for their past, present, and hopefully future support: Do you think Season 11 will be the end of "Bones"? If so, will it be because of the lawsuits or just a natural (or overdue) end to the series?

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