The Minions are cute and funny and loved by kids, but they also kill a lot of people, send some questionable messages about conformity, and totally would've helped Hitler if given the chance. Right?

The latest Honest Trailers video shares a more jaded view of the little yellow henchmen (of course), and adds a "Death Count" to the movie that hits at least 105.

"From Universal Pictures' marketing department comes one of the most expensive far-reaching promotional campaigns of all time -- and also a movie, 'Minions.' You loved the first two 'Despicable Me's, now, in the tradition of 'Joey,' 'The Cleveland Show,' and 'The Battle for Endor,' comes a spinoff that takes a character that's fun in small doses and makes you wish they had stayed in the background."

Awww. Poor Minions. The trailer also wonders why "Minions" is considered an origin story when the movie does not answer any questions about the Minions' origins. And they have a point about the 1960s references not quite working for little kids or even their 30-something parents. And some of the messages are suspect. And Gru with Minions babies really would've been adorable. And maybe they really would've helped the Nazis if they hadn't been stuck in an ice cave. But, as the trailer acknowledges, "Who cares? You're either 6-years-old or a parent wishing you could check your phone in the movie theater." Fair enough.

Check it out:

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