The Nice GuysIf you're a hired thug in need of a private investigator, why not hire the guy whose arm you just broke?

That's the premise laid out in the first trailer for "The Nice Guys," which stars Russell Crowe as that hired thug and Ryan Gosling as that private investigator. They first meet when Crowe is hired to break Gosling's arm, but later, they team up on a missing girl case brought to them by Kim Basinger.
The movie, directed by Shane Black, is set in the '70s, so seeing Crowe and Gosling dressed up in ill-fitting polyester suits is funny enough. But there's a lot more (dark) comedy in this noir tale, and both lead actors look like they're having a very good time. Crowe particularly seems perfectly suited to play a gruff thug with a sense of humor.

"The Nice Guys" opens in theaters May 20.

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