Warning: Spoilers ahead from the "Once Upon a Time" Season 5 winter finale.

Make room for ANOTHER Jon Snow: Captain Hook. The "Once Upon a Time" Season 5 midseason finale, "Swan Song," asked the question, "What kind of man do you want to be?" Killian/Hook ultimately decided he wanted to be a hero. He chose love and family over revenge, and sacrificed himself. The newest Dark One forced his love, Emma Swan, to kill him with Excalibur, thereby saving herself and the people of Storybrooke. Emma was horrified, but knew she had no choice, telling Hook -- who is now off to the Underworld -- that she loved him and would always find him again.

Here's their heartbreaking final kiss:

That leads us into Season 5B, which we already knew would be heading to the Underworld -- with past departed characters returning and newbies from "Hercules" showing up. Now we know the quest is to save Hook. And we also know that Rumplestiltskin/Gold has chosen power over love (once again), and he is the new Dark One, and a stronger one than ever.

Even though OUAT killed off Hook, however temporarily, Captain Swan shippers seemed to love the winter finale, since it focused on their love story and now gives Emma a chance to save Hook (and they can even share a heart). On the flip side, anyone not shipping CS may be frustrated, but there's usually room in every season for multiple storylines, so don't fret. (We're expecting more Rumbelle in 5B.)

Hook actor Colin O'Donoghue teased what's ahead for the show and his (sort of?) dead character: "It's complicated, because we're going to the Underworld for the second part of the season," Colin told Entertainment Weekly. "He's sticking around, but in a completely different way and quite shocking."

Shocking, eh?
Jennifer Morrison (Emma) also talked to EW about Hook's sacrifice and what it means going forward, "In the immediacy of him sacrificing himself before she knows about Gold, Emma is in a state of shock and she's trying to figure out what to do, and doesn't know if there is a way to get to him. The weird thing about finding out that Gold is the Dark One again is that she's furious at him, but at the same time, she now has a way to Hook. If he were not the Dark One, she would not have a way to Hook. As much as she's furious at him, she also is grateful in a weird way that this is giving her a second chance at saving the man that she loves."

Rumple always gets his way in the end. Sigh. Poor Belle. Will she ever get her way? "Once Upon a Time" returns with "Souls of the Departed" on March 6, 2016.

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