Actors are not supposed to have giggle fits during "Saturday Night Live" sketches, but why is it so much funnier when they do? This past weekend, Ryan Gosling hosted SNL and had a few successful sketches -- including "Close Encounters," which now has close to 4 million views on YouTube. He was not the real star of the alien abduction bit, the entire thing was owned by Kate McKinnon's chain-smoking character and her tale of having her knockers gently and respectfully tapped, one at a time, by little gray aliens.

Kate's story was so wonderfully absurd it cracked everyone up. Or maybe it just cracked Ryan Gosling up and his lack of control broke Aidy Bryant and Bobby Moynihan in the opposite seats. Cecily Strong seemed to be the only one kinda keeping it together, and she even appeared to prompt Ryan at one point.

We've all had worse Wednesday nights, girl.

Here's arguably the best work from Ryan himself, as the star of a Quentin Tarantino/Coen Bros.-esque story about a couple's very earnest passion for Santa:

Those sketches helped to make up for Ryan's monologue, which was OK, but only because Mike Myers showed up to sing about Canada. Ryan was barely even in his own opening:

What did you think of Ryan's SNL hosting gig? Did you laugh as hard as he did through that "Close Encounters" sketch, or are you wondering what the fuss was about?

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