We have been trained to wait. Marvel, especially, has led us to believe there's always more to come after the film is over and the credits start to roll. However, "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" director J.J. Abrams said there are no mid-credits or post-credits scenes after "Episode VII." When it ends, that's apparently it until teasers for "Episode VIII" come out.

A "Force Awakens" press junket was held over the weekend in Los Angeles, and even though no one got to see the movie, some questions were answered. Somewhere along the way, Abrams was asked if there would be a post-credits scene. "No, there is not," he confirmed (via /FILM). "All the scenes are in the movie."

It's not mandatory to break up a franchise film's loooooong credits with a bonus scene or tease for what's to come, but it wouldn't have been shocking for the new "Star Wars" galaxy to go in that direction, since we already know Rian Johnson is working on "Episode VIII" for 2017, with Colin Trevorrow following with "Episode IX" in 2019.

How do you feel about the lack of a post-credits scene? Is it fitting, disappointing, or not relevant if the rest of the movie is strong enough to stand on its own?

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