Moet & Chandon Celebrates The Launch Of The Moet Moment Film Festival CompetitionJane the Virgin," and she's proven she's a class act in real life, too. The actress was accidentally mixed up with America Ferrera during the announcement of the Golden Globes nominations on Thursday (the official Globes Twitter account used Rodriguez's handle when identifying presenter Ferrera), but instead of getting upset, Rodriguez just laughed it off.

"I didn't hear anything until recently someone sent me an article, but who cares?" Rodriguez said in an interview with Entertainment Tonight, adding some love for her fellow Latina actress.

"America's lovely," Rodriguez told ET. "She's so beautiful and such a fantastic actress. If there's anybody I want to get mixed up with -- it's her for sure!"

We're glad Rodriguez took the stupid goof-up in stride, and that she's not letting a silly Twitter mistake mar her nomination celebration. The star, who also took home the Best Actress in a TV Comedy award from the Globes earlier this year for her work on "Jane," shared her joy on Twitter, and also released a statement noting that there were actually a couple causes for cheer.

"Today two fantastic things happened," Rodriguez's statement said. "My work on 'Jane' was recognized and celebrated by some of my favorite people for a second year. And my student loans from the university that taught me to act were paid off. Education works, how serendipitous."

Congrats to Rodriguez on all her success -- both in acting and in life in general.

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Photo credit: Getty Images for Moet & Chandon