"Star Wars: The Force Awakens" is quickly on its way to being the No. 1 movie of all time, but one site wants everyone to know they prevented the movie from rolling in even more dough.

Return of Kings -- which describes itself as "a blog for heterosexual, masculine men" who believe "men should be masculine and women should be feminine" -- said their reporting on "The Force Awakens" as "a social justice propaganda" film led to a loss of ticket sales valued at $4.2 million. They based that figure on the 55 percent of voters who responded to their poll asking if online reporting of the social justice nature of the new Star Wars movie affected their decision to see the film.

They added, "This figure does not include those men who haven't visited in the past month but know to stay clear away from Hollywood propaganda films thanks to our previous reporting." That "previous reporting" included their story, "Why You Should Not Go See 'Mad Max: Feminist Road," which dissed another one of the top movies of 2015.

Their criticism of "The Force Awakens," detailed in the social justice piece, reads in part:

From the casting, which puts minorities and women incessantly and ridiculously in your face to make a political point (not tell a story), to the laziest of all space battles, the problems with the Episode 7 are more than numerous.

Let's make no mistake: Abrams is a capable filmmaker, when he wants to be. Parts with General Hux, especially his speech and the destruction of the Hosnian system, are glorious. The visuals, not just those with CGI, are stunning. Abrams' mission, though, is to distract viewers with impressive scenes and some chunks of capably written dialogue so as to implant his take on 'girl power' and safe spaces for non-whites."

At least they are bonding over their outrage and patting themselves on the back for not joining the millions of others who have pushed "The Force Awakens" past every other movie on the planet.

At least Jimmy Kimmel offered Return of Kings a new version of "Star Wars" to enjoy, which you can check out over in the late night roundup.

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