Dahhhling, would you even believe Emma Stone as someone cruel enough to steal puppies for fur coats?

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Emma Stone is in early negotiations to play the "101 Dalmations" villainess in a live-action origin story called "Cruella." They say Kelly Marcel is now writing the script (back in 2013, "Cinderella" writer Aline Brosh McKenna was the one working on "Cruella"). And even though there is no director at this point, THR said the project is a priority for Disney which hopes to shoot the film later this year.

Yes, Hollywood has completely run out of original ideas. Let's just get that out of the way. Now, what do you think of Emma Stone as the latest potential Cruella?

The animated Cruella, from the 1961 movie, is the most iconic, but Glenn Close donned the hair and coat in the "Once Upon a Time."

The "Once" version of Cruella had her own interesting backstory, and it's possible this origin story will give her a sympathetic start, trying to find the heart behind the horror -- like Angelina Jolie in "Maleficent" or something. Just a guess.

What do you think of this "Cruella" origin story idea, and Emma Stone in the lead role -- into it or hard pass?

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