"Game of Thrones" Queen Cersei Lannister would actually be a perfect contestant on "The Bachelor." She's drunk. She's mean. She's jealous. And she has a secret boyfriend back home (who happens to be her brother).

"The Bachelor" is like the War of the Roses with no real winners, except maybe viewers who watch to feel better about themselves. Jimmy Kimmel has to promote the show, 'cause it's on ABC, but he likes to poke fun of it whenever possible. "Jimmy Kimmel Live," and since she plays Cersei Lannister -- who is basically a walking Mean Tweet -- Jimmy put her to use to read real insults from this season of "The Bachelor" in the voice of Queen C.

Here's the result:

Again, those are real quotes. And she NAILED them. If only the video went on for two hours, like "The Bachelor."

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