New Warner Bros. TV StillsFellow "Gilmore Girls" fans, our prayers have been answered: After months of rumors, Netflix finally, officially confirmed that a revival of the beloved series is indeed coming to the streaming service.

Netflix made the announcement on social media late on Friday afternoon, posting a photo on Instagram of Rory's Chilton uniform and Yale sweatshirt nestled next to a Netflix t-shirt, flanked by framed photos of a smiling Rory (Alexis Bledel) and Lorelai (Lauren Graham). "From Stars Hollow to Hartford to New Haven to Netflix. Welcome back, girls," the streaming service captioned the photo. "An all new season of Gilmore Girls coming to Netflix in 2016."

Graham later followed up with her own photo and social media post celebrating the news, sharing on Twitter a snap of her clutching one of Lorelai's signature fabulous winter coats. "I CAN NOW CONFIRM: it's time for me, and this jacket I stole in 2007, to return to work," Graham wrote.

The actress had previously declined to comment on the revival rumors last fall, when reports first surfaced that Netflix intended to bring back the show for an all-new reunion miniseries. But there were way too many clues to ignore the obvious, including lots of "Gilmore"-centric activity on the Warner Bros. lot (home of the Stars Hollow set). And just this morning, we shared the news that Netflix chief content officer Ted Sarandos had almost certainly accidentally confirmed the revival, though he stopped just short of giving the official greenlight. Apparently, Sarandos was just gearing up for Friday's big announcement.

E! News has some scoop about just who's on board for the revival, including a whole bunch of new characters. First thing's first: Yes, Graham and Bledel will be back, as will fellow stars Scott Patterson, Kelly Bishop, Keiko Agena, and Sean Gunn. Original creator Amy Sherman-Palladino and her producing partner and husband Daniel Palladino are also returning to write, direct, and produce the entire thing. And here's the rundown on the new faces we'll see, per E!:

We'll meet Berta and Alejandro, a Peruvian couple. Alejandro is both a handyman and a solid family man. Viewers will also meet Nat Compton, an incredibly miserable looking man who never smiles. Plus, there's 13-year-old Dewey, Clementina, a Portuguese nanny, 7-year-old Tim and his 5-year-old sister Gabriela, 9-year-old Korean-American twins Stevie & Kwan and a whole bunch of hippies at a commune. Intrigued?

How about the pleasant 30-something Paul, a Michael Cera type described as "a good boyfriend," the older high-end men's magazine editor Jim, the blue-collar Dwayne, and the good-looking, eager 20-something Damon.

The twins are obviously Lane and Zack's sons, and we're pretty sure Clementina has to be Paris's beloved childhood (and college) caretaker, though who everyone else is could be anyone's guess. We're assuming the latter gentlemen will be some sort of love interests for our titular twosome. (But seriously, if Luke and Lorelai don't end up together, it will be unacceptable.)

Earlier reports indicated that the revival would be a four-episode miniseries of "mini movies," with each 90-minute installment set to take place over the course of one of the four seasons. Netflix's announcement didn't mention anything yet about the format, so stay tuned. Where you lead, we will follow, "GG."

[via: Netflix, Lauren Graham, E! News]

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