ArcherMeet "Archer P.I."!

FX dropped the season 7 trailer for "Archer," and it's a glorious homage to the opening credits of "Magnum P.I." (and reminds us of Adam Scott's "The Greatest Event in Television History"). Archer zips around in his red sports car, stalks through the jungle, and even wears a Hawaiian shirt! Plus there are are shots of Cyril doing Tai Chi and Pam dressed as a rodeo clown!

"Archer" undergoes another reboot this season, moving into the world of private investigation. That sounds like it might be similar to season 5, aka "Archer: Vice," which parodied '80s crime shows and turned the whole crew into cocaine dealers. Last season returned to the more normal international spy game, but now Archer is going full Selleck and trying out detective work.

"Archer" season 7 premieres Thursday, March 27 on FX.

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